Founder’s Welcome


It is my privilege to welcome you to the 16th Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference on October 27-28 and November 4-5, 2020. This year’s theme is “Inclusion – Maximizing Your Talent!!!”

Building on the success of our 2019 conference featuring former President Barack Obama, our four-day conference will include some amazing keynote speakers, including former CEO of Hewlett Packard (HP) Enterprise Carly Fiorina, Actor Tony Plana, and Political Commentator Donna Brazile. In addition, leading professionals will spearhead break-out and coaching sessions as well as training workshops. These sessions and workshops will include 12 tracks focusing on a variety of topics and industries, such as healthcare, diversity and inclusion (D&I) leadership, tech, and legal.

Since the inception of the conference, we have made great strides in advocating for inclusive workplaces. The annual conference is the largest D&I conference in the United States, with over 3,500 in attendance in 2019. For 2020, we are expecting attendance to reach over 5,000. Our goal continues to be providing companies and professionals with the tools and resources necessary to remain competitive in a global economy. . Finally, my hope is that the conference empowers attendees to share valuable resources and best practices in D&I and leadership with their organizations, coworkers, managers, and senior leaders.

In closing, I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to our sponsors for their continued support. I also want to acknowledge our speakers, panelists, volunteers, and organizers who have worked diligently to bring our 2020 Conference to fruition. We hope to leave a lasting impact on both companies and professionals, as we continuously strive for a more inclusive society.

Dennis Kennedy
Founder & Chairman
National Diversity Council

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