President’s Award™ Awardees

The President’s Award is among the National Diversity Council’s highest national honors. During times of societal change, the need for strong leadership within our organizations has never been greater. Employees look to their workplaces to represent the values and culture where all individuals can bring their talents to thrive in their profession and purpose. Therefore, the Presidents and CEOs who not only champion diversity, equity and inclusion, but who also lead with integrity and courage by integrating DEI at the forefront of workplace culture, deserve our gratitude and recognition. The National Diversity Council honors those Presidents and CEOs who exemplify the most influential and courageous leaders among us with this lauded distinction.

Recipients of The President’s Award must meet the following criteria:

  • Serve as President and/or CEO of an organization for at least three years
  • Demonstrate effective leadership toward advancing DEI at an enterprise level
  • Lead an organization that has financial solvency and good corporate citizenship
  • Be a recognized leader in his/her field or industry
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively create sustained organizational growth
  • Have a proven track record of investment and development of diverse groups within the organization